Sometimes it’s those……

Sometimes it’s those closest to us who pose the greatest threat.  I write this post with frustration and mild anger in my heart.  How can someone who should love us betray us?

Last night I received an email from an individual requesting firearm lessons.  I immediately reached out and that email turned into two phone conversations that weigh heavy on my spirit.

This individual lives alone and has recently had to flee the home due to criminal activity.  The criminals turned out to be friends of the son.  Oddly enough the son was angry with the parent for calling the police until said son discovered how much property had been stolen.

This person never wanted to own a gun, but a sibling has insisted one be purchased.  Thankfully the need for training is recognized and that will begin this weekend.  Darral and I determined it important to change our schedule for the weekend to make this lesson happen and as quickly as we could do so.

Other safety features have been installed at the home (double dead bolts, cameras, outside lighting, etc.) but sadly after the fact.  The property may never be recovered and the feeling of being safe in one’s own home is now gone.

The book of Isaiah gives us insight on how we should feel about our homes.

My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places. Isaiah 32:18 (ESV)

The reality now is that one act of evil has negated this for our student.  The thieves took something precious that may never be restored.

I will never know the reason why this son associated himself with people who would so brazenly take from his parent.  I’m sure the parent struggles to understand as well.

As humans, it is sometimes tough to forgive those who betray us, especially when it is your own flesh and blood.  Not only is this individual dealing with the loss of several thousands of dollars of property, the pain of knowing someone close let the danger in must also be dealt with.  With time I’m sure the forgiveness will happen, and hopefully the trust will return in the parent/child relationship.

Shepherdess do not wait until the wolf or bear strikes your flock to have a plan of protection.  Beware those in sheep’s clothing who would inflict harm.  Start today to create your plan BEFORE danger finds you.

Wishing you safety and peace in a world full of danger.


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